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Small Ways to Save Money At Home

Orlando Ave 5/23 1:00A tisner
Just because your home doesn’t have any major issues such as a leaky basement or a floor that is about to cave in doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot of little ways you are losing cash each month. ...

Orlando State of the Market April 2023

Orlando Ave 5/18 3:16A tisner
State of the Market Overall sales fell 5.8% from March to April. There were 2,766 sales in April, down from 2,936 sales in March. Overall sales in April 2023 were 27.2% lower than April 2022 when...

Seven Things First-Time Home Sellers Should Expect

Orlando Ave 5/16 7:50A tisner
You have decided to sell your home, and dream of it immediately becoming a highly desired property with a bidding war that drives up your asking price and closing in thirty days dance in your head....

What Home Features Are High on Buyers’ Lists?

Orlando Ave 5/11 5:00A tisner
Homes with a steam oven, quartz finishes in the kitchen or hurricane shutters/windows typically sell for a higher price than the average Fla. home FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – With spring-buying season in...

The People You Meet When Buying a Home

Orlando Ave 5/9 8:08A tisner
There will be more than just you, your real estate agent, the seller, and their agent involved in the process–unless you are paying cash for a new home! Appraisers, lenders, and inspectors are just a...

Creative and Budget-Friendly Organization Ideas

Orlando Ave 5/1 1:23A tisner
We have all seen the beautiful dream closets: they are filled with drawers, shoe shelves, a vanity, and many other bells and whistles, but all come with a hefty price tag. Organizational gadgets can...

Spring Allergen Removal—Getting Air Ducts Clean

Orlando Ave 4/27 7:03A tisner
Have you experienced chronic ear, throat, or eye irritations, sneezing, coughing, dizziness, or headaches only while in your home and as soon as you use your HVAC system? It could be from poor air...

Tips to Reduce Moving Costs

Orlando Ave 4/25 1:20A tisner
As exciting as it is to be relocating to a new home or new city, very few actually look forward to the “moving” part! It can be as expensive as you choose, but as a new homeowner, the budget is always...

Orlando State of the Market March 2023

Orlando Ave 4/19 6:03A tisner
State of the Market Overall sales rose 31.1% from February to March. There were 2,936 sales in March, up 696 from the 2,240 sales recorded in February. Overall sales in March 2023 were 28.4% lower...

Extend Your Living Space!

Orlando Ave 4/18 1:15A tisner
It is time for favorite summer pastimes: grilling, dining al fresco, or relaxing in a hammock, and many homeowners realize they would better enjoy them if they had a patio or deck. Outdoor spaces can...

Is Buying a FSBO Right For You?

Orlando Ave 4/11 1:11A tisner
During the house hunt, many potential homeowners take an interest in a home that is being offered For Sale By Owner (FSBO). What is the risk to the buyer? These tips will guide you through the...

Does Your Home Need an Energy Audit?

Orlando Ave 4/4 5:10A tisner
Energy audits are becoming more common among homeowners as a way to save money on energy costs as well as check their carbon footprint. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, an energy...

Are Floridians More Optimistic than Rest of U.S.?

Orlando Ave 3/30 5:16A tisner
While Americans’ attitudes declined a bit in Jan., a monthly UF study of Floridians found a 1.4-point increase overall with an uptick in expectations for the future. GAINESVILLE, Fla. – In January,...

Unique Window Treatments for Small Rooms

Orlando Ave 3/21 1:29A tisner
When it comes to the smaller rooms in the house, window treatments play an important part in the feel of the space. You do not, however, have to give up style or privacy in these areas; check out...

Orlando State of the Market February 2023

Orlando Ave 3/16 2:56A tisner
State of the Market Overall sales rose 33.8% from January to February. There were 2,240 sales in February and 1,674 sales in January. Overall sales in February 2023 were 30.0% lower than February 2022...
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