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Credit Score Change Could Help Millions of Buyers

Orlando Ave 9/28 5:19A tisner
The nation’s consumer bureau took a first step to erase medical debt from credit reports and lending decisions because that type of debt “has little predictive value.” WASHINGTON – The Consumer...

House Plants for Dark Rooms

Orlando Ave 9/26 1:13A tisner
Daylight hours have become noticeably less, and so are out landscaping duties! If you’d like to bring the outside in but are concerned about the plants needing sunlight, don’t worry.  Many houseplants...

Orlando State of the Market August 2023

Orlando Ave 9/22 5:10A tisner
New Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association data shows market continues to cool as  fall season approaches State of the Market Inventory for August was recorded at 6,115, up 6.9% from July when...

Real Estate Disclosures and You

Orlando Ave 9/19 1:53A tisner defines the term  disclosure  as “ the buyer’s opportunity to learn as much as they can about the property and the seller’s experience in it.”  In most states, this simply means that the...

Fall Gardening Tips!

Orlando Ave 9/12 1:30A tisner
Summer is almost over, and for most gardeners and those who love to work in the yard, it is time to tidy things up to prepare for cooler weather. It’s the best time to prepare for next year, even...

Avoid This Color if You’re Painting Your Front Door

Orlando Ave 9/11 6:50A tisner
A Zillow study reveals paint colors that may wow prospective buyers — and colors that fall short. Do you find yourself  browsing homes on Zillow  and pausing at a home that has a stand-out front door?...

Summer to Fall Changeover for Your Outdoor Spaces

Orlando Ave 9/5 5:37A tisner
Summertime means spending time outside, and our outdoor living spaces reflect that. Just because it is almost fall, however, does not mean wrapping it all up and putting it away! There are many simple...

7 Tips for Selling Your Home with Pets

Orlando Ave 8/29 1:04A tisner
While a home is in the de-cluttering and depersonalizing stage before it goes on the market, remember that your pets are as personal as family photos on display. Many homebuyers are pet owners as...

Fla.’s July Housing: Prices Up, Inventory Improves

Orlando Ave 8/25 6:01A tisner
Florida Realtors: Higher mortgage rates still a factor; single-family home median price at $415K, 2.8 months’ supply. Condo median price at $319K, 3.6 months’ supply. ORLANDO, Fla.   – In July,...

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Orlando Ave 8/22 1:00A tisner
Florida is well known for all of the damage caused during our stormy seasons.  The power of wind can burst open windows, doors, split open walls, creating and increasing uplift forces on the roof.  ...

Orlando State of the Market July 2023

Orlando Ave 8/18 2:32A tisner
State of the Market July’s interest rate was recorded at 6.8%, up slightly from 6.7% in June. This is the second-highest interest rate in Central Florida in 20 years. October 2022 had the highest...

Can You Time the Housing Market?

Orlando Ave 8/10 5:39A tisner
A Fannie Mae survey found that a record number of buyers think it’s a bad time to buy a home. But is it? Even experts stumble with market predictions. WASHINGTON – “It’s a bad time to buy a home.”...

Back to School Routine

Orlando Ave 8/8 1:52A tisner
In most parts of the US this time of year, there is a lot of groaning by kids who are heading back to school, and some parents as well, because they dread the busyness of the school being in session. ...

Smart Lighting Guide

Orlando Ave 8/1 4:34A tisner
Use this guide to learn more about Smart Lighting: EXTERIOR LIGHTING   The easiest method for lighting entryways and parking areas is using motion-sensor lights. Solar-charged lights can be installed...
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