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Hell on Earth: 4 Reasons I’ll Never Buy in an HOA Again® Real Estate News 2/2 9:30A Larissa Runkle
Getty Images As a first-time homeowner, I hadn t really considered the potential downsides of living in a homeowners association. At first, it seemed nice to live somewhere with a few rules. After...

Renting Out Your House: A Comprehensive Guide® Real Estate News 2/2 8:30A Cathie Ericson
alexsl/iStock There are many reasons you might be a homeowner wondering if you’d be better off renting out your home. Perhaps you’ve tried to sell your home but the market’s too sluggish and you’re...

Who Pays the Realtor Commission When You Buy or Sell a Home?® Real Estate News 2/2 12:00A Audrey Ference For both buyers and sellers, the help of a top-rated, knowledgeable broker during a real estate transaction is valuable, but who pays for the services of the  real estate agent ? If you re...
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