Weekending Catch Up

Green Fashionista 8/7 11:30P (Kate at Gre
I may be a week late, but am playing catch up from all the fun had last weekend with family and celebrating a friend's birthday over the best meal of the week - brunch. Lil' Miss had another baseball...

Alice in Wonderland Experience

Green Fashionista 8/2 11:30P (Kate at Gre
Experience indeed! My friend Tina and I were treated to an afternoon at The Alice in Wonderland Cocktail Experience where we journeyed down the rabbit hole and enjoyed tea, a performance, delectable...

Backless Midi Dress

Central Florida Chic 8/1 12:00A Danielle
I ve recently discovered that I dress like a grandma. I like longer dresses and higher necklines. It used to be that summer was a time to show off all the skin. But with my self imposed...

Summer Disney Outfits for Hot Park Days

Central Florida Chic 7/30 12:00A Danielle
We recently got back from a weekend trip to Walt Disney World. Now I’m always down for a Disney trip. But as you can imagine, it was hot . Planning Disney outfits for summer is a bit different from...

Floral Cut Out Dress from Wayf

Central Florida Chic 7/27 11:30A Danielle
I bought this floral cut out dress over a year ago and didn t think I d still be able to share it with product links. Though I m not 100% wrong I am about 50% wrong. This cut out dress from Wayf is...

Puffy in Pink

Green Fashionista 7/26 11:30P (Kate at Gre
I am all about fun statements, and have been gravitating towards tops with a little extra flair lately. This bodysuit is available in 6 colors, and was super comfy. We headed out for dinner and margs...

Camo, T-Ball and Universal Studios

Green Fashionista 7/17 11:30P (Kate at Gre
Another summer weekend mixed with fun and getting things done around the house. I'm still all for the 3 day weekend - we need a day to have fun, a day to get things done and a day to relax. Who's with...

How to Master Regencycore Style

Central Florida Chic 7/14 12:00P Danielle
It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Bridgerton . And it’s not just me, the hit Netflix series has taken the world by storm. Brands from all over have jumped on the hype, from beauty and fashion, to...

Baby You're a Firework

Green Fashionista 7/10 11:30P (Kate at Gre
I am of course in a state of disbelief that we are already well into July, but we rang in the 4th with fireworks, face painting, pool time, lots of grilling and another trip to Universal Studios. We...

Floral Crop Top from Hill House

Central Florida Chic 7/7 12:00P Danielle
No need to beat around the bush to start this post. When I saw the previews for this floral crop top, I was immediately sold . I mean, just look at them! The vibes are just *chef s kiss*. As much as...

Life is Beautiful in St. Maarten

Green Fashionista 7/5 11:30P (Kate at Gre
And just like that... vacation has come and gone. We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary in St. Maarten after plans changed, and my parents still haven't moved down to Florida (they were supposed...

Hill House Nap Dress Review

Central Florida Chic 7/5 12:00P Danielle
Now that I am officially the owner of a Hill House Nap Dress, I can put my 2 cents into the mix. The nap dress has been all the rage since quarantine and covid came into everyones life in 2020. It s...

July 4th Sales 2022

Central Florida Chic 7/4 3:18A Danielle
Just like every year, July 4th sales for 2022 are in full swing. As today is the 4th of July, it s most likely the last day to shop many of these sales for 2022. But rest assured, there s plenty of other summer sales that are up and coming. So if...

4th of July Outfits

Central Florida Chic 7/2 12:00A Danielle
I ve been wearing 4th of July outfits since earlier this week. I love using the week leading up to the 4th to wear some red, white, and blue. There s always one dress that s my go-to for a patriotic...

Liquidating My Closet!

J's Everyday Fashion 6/24 9:05A J
Hello friends! How are you? I hope you’re doing well and that you and your family are healthy and safe! It’s beyond wild to me that I have a 10-month old baby already, and I have been busy-busy loving...
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